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Chris Finch

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  • Application Rationalisation Lead
  • 6 months
  • Remote
  • Up to £600 -800 per day – Outside IR35
  • This is one of several streams of work to implement a new strategy, under the recently appointed Global CIO.
  • The client currently operate a fragmented application landscape, with unnecessary duplication and complexity, resulting in higher run costs and limiting speed/ value that we can offer to the various Business Groups.
  • The overall Compass strategy and OneTech strategy are aligned on the need to simplify and drive scale where possible, to enable sharp focus on activities that differentiate and add value.
  • Historically IT decisions have been distributed across countries and functions, with some global platforms, regional/ country systems, and functional/ site systems – the OneTech strategy, and this initiative, aims to implement common framework, processes and decision-making.
  • An initial phase of AppRat work reviewed 46 ‘hotspots’ where we recognise excess so far – and prioritise c20 to move forward – but there are more opportunities to evaluate, and more systems to discover.
  • We have secured seed-funding to move forward with this initiative.


  • The overall role is to manage the delivery of Application Rationalisation programme of work, initially comprising:
  • Early decommissions/quick wins this year (inc “AppSwitchOff” initiative to close down underused apps (
  • Driving AppRationalisation of the 20 priority opportunities;
  • Identifying and evaluating further opportunities;
  • Select and manage 3rd party resources to drive the AppRat programme – including establishing their TMO/PMO capability – note that Accenture are the likely partners for this work;
  • Completing the Business Case to secure funding for implementation;
  • Establish links to other relevant parts of the business – e.g. application finance, service introduction, CMDB, etc
  • Scope is likely to include oversight of some Software Asset Management activities – at minimum to secure the investment in new SAM tool and resources
  • Current scale – expected total costs of implementation €c50m, with €c27m annual savings – but this is only the first phase. Duration 12-18 months.
  • This role reports through the Compass BC programme governance – currently in design – through to UniOps exec

Target Outcomes and Results:

  • Within 2 months to complete the business case in this area, and to secure funding for the implementation phase
  • By the end of the year, deliver early savings – minimum 500k
  • Establish and report clear metrics and targets for reduction in current set of apps

Key considerations:

  • Culturally the business have been quite decentralised, with a federated style – this has led to a fragmented application landscape – implementing this centrally-driven AppRat programme is part of a new aligned approach, at a time when the wider organisation is also changing structure.
  • Some of the savings deriving from the AppRat initiatives are expected to land outside of IT – the Business Case and implementation will require engagement and commitment beyond IT.
  • There is currently no single VP or Director to sponsor this initiative, as it spans all the functions and geographies within the client.

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