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Laura Monument

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Reporting Analyst – IT

New position within the CIO office for someone with a mix of reporting, visualising data and communication across IT and the business.
Due to a growth and a large amount of change resulting from acquisitions there is a push to improve communication from IT across the leadership team and wider business, utilising reports and producing insights to various target audiences.

The first part of your role is reporting and data
* You will work with Senior Leaders and Managers and the MI team to create and run a detailed suite of reports that accurately reflect IT accomplishments, challenges, plans etc.
* You will be able to explain to the MI team what reports you need and ensure the data accurately represents the real world and generate dashboards for reporting.

Then the important part of communicating this across the business
* Using these reports, you will compile and present information orally, visually and in writing e.g. data visualisation, storyboarding, presentations, slide decks
* You will coordinate and compile a range of communications for colleagues within IT and the wider business. This will include collating PowerPoints and other artefacts for a range of stakeholders from board packs, newsletters through to town halls for the IT Team, bringing consistency and best practice to standards and formatting throughout.
You will be an analytical thinker, love data and reporting and visualising that data for different audiences. You will have a great way with words and, and be able to produce PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, dashboards, communicating with stakeholder groups and C level contacts.
This role sits within IT and is communicating on behalf of IT across the business, there for a robust and broad understanding of IT, department structures and processes is essential

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