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Lacey Bonham

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As a Technical Lead for the group, you will play a key role in providing technical guidance leading a small team of engineers within the company. Being able to work at a team level but also holistically at a group level. We are looking for a talented Technical Lead to help build great applications and services, working closely with Software Engineers and Designers using technologies to create an ecosystem that is consistent, highly usable, reliable and performant with systems thinking at the forefront.

We are looking for someone who has experience in technically leading a small team while gradually putting in place good engineering practices such as TDD, BDD, Clean Code, Pair Programming (to name a few).

More about the role

You will provide technical leadership in a small team and help guide the organisation on its transformation journey. To do this you will use your knowledge and experience of various technologies both from a software and cloud/infrastructure perspective with a system thinking mindset.

Work in a small team, including individuals who are new to good Engineering practices and DevOps concepts, building technical capability within the team and individuals while helping them mature in a DevOps culture.

Demonstrate the value of good engineering practices in driving agility, such as continuous delivery, continuous integration, TDD, BDD and mob programming.

Encourage automation and continuous delivery while working collaboratively within an Agile team helping facilitate technical decision making in the team while creating a mentoring and coaching environment to help develop engineering capabilities

Encourage knowledge sharing across engineering teams helping them deliver working software regularly and reliably while acting as a true servant leader to empower the team.

Believe in a DevOps culture – we build and own the entire stack, and endeavour to automate as much as possible

Help constantly inspect and adapt team practices

Help create a culture of psychology safety, feedback and retrospectives to bring about measurable improvements in technical capability, using useful metrics to support continuous improvement such as DORA metrics.

Understand the company’s vision and strategy ensuring technology choices and direction fit into wider priorities – actively contributing to and helping to drive forward the engineering practice.

Desired Experience/Skills:

  • Experience in any of the following: .Net, .Net Core, Java 8, PHP with associated tools and frameworks like MVC, Spring, Hibernate, Maven and Gradle. JavaScript, preferably with ES6+ and component-based libraries such as React alongside HTML and CSS.
  • Automated testing, using tools such as MS Test, Junit, Spock, JMeter, Gatling, Selenium, Jest and Enzyme.
  • Demonstrable experience of new technologies and know when it is appropriate to use them.
  • Good understanding and experience of both architecture and infrastructure and why it is important to be aware of both as well as and the benefits of taking a micro services approach to development.
  • Good understanding and experience of OO design, SOLID, Event Driven architecture alongside experience of TDD, BDD and mob programming.
  • Good understanding and experience of framework agnostic development, knowing when to use frameworks and when not to alongside caching technologies.

We are also doing the following, so any knowledge in these areas would be great:

  • Deploying multiple services to cloud based infrastructure using CI/CD pipelines
  • Monitoring our applications using the ELK stack
  • Working with Azure, AWS, Kubernetes, Node.js, PHP, MySQL, Docker, Postgresql, Terraform, Ansible and friends‚Ķ

If you wish to apply for this position, please email us at