2021 – A Big Year for RPA

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2021 – A Big Year for RPA

New age technology is something we’re always fascinated with here at som3 Recruitment and how it can positively impact businesses and their outcomes. One area in particular we have been focusing on is the world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how this is dramatically increasing the efficiency of companies. We’ve spoken to some of the movers and shakers in the industry, as well as plenty of off the charts intelligent people to understand more and how we as a Staffing Company can find them THE BEST candidates. So where does it start? Well, figuring out what it actually means!!

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software technology that’s easy for anyone to use to automate digital tasks. With RPA, software users create software robots, or “bots”, that can learn, mimic, and then execute rules-based business processes. RPA automation enables users to create bots by observing human digital actions. Show your bots what to do, then let them do the work. Robotic Process Automation software bots can interact with any application or system the same way people do—except that RPA bots can operate around the clock, nonstop, much faster and with 100% reliability and precision.

What are the benefits of RPA?

Robotic Process Automation has a positive snowball effect on business operations and outcomes. RPA delivers measurable business benefits right out of the gate—think cost reduction, greater accuracy, delivery speed—then continues to add value as it picks up momentum and spreads across the organization. RPA improves business outcomes like customer satisfaction and enables competitive advantages by freeing humans to do what they do best—solving problems, improving processes, conducting analysis, and other value-added work—resulting in higher employee engagement and new revenue opportunities.

Having read many articles and posts from the likes of UiPath, Automation Anywhere and BluePrism, it’s apparent that these are the biggest benefits of RPA to a company’s journey from discovery to digital transformation:

  • Greater Accuracy
  • Cost Savings and Fast ROI
  • Greater Productivity
  • Harness Artificial Intelligence
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction and Experiences
  • Integrate Across Platforms
  • Scalability

Where to in 2021?

Well RPA has proven that it’s not just a fad or a trend that will lose its appeal anytime soon. Gartner reported at the end of 2020 that spending on RPA software will top $1.5 billion this year and continue to grow by double-digit percentage terms for the foreseeable future (that’s a growth of 20%!).

Here at som3 we concur with the aforementioned prediction. Having spoken with RPA Specialist Companies and Candidates, this is certainly a market that is on the rise, not just through a new-age popularity, but because of demand. And you know what, som3 can’t wait to see where it will take us and the opportunities we’ll be able to work on with exciting and dynamic Enterprises.

We are currently engaging with candidates with a variety of RPA specialties, including fully certified UiPath/Automation Anywhere/BluePrism/Pegasystems professionals across Europe and North America, that are looking for their next contract/permanent opportunity. If you are a company that is in need of experts of this calibre then please don’t hesitate to contact som3 Recruitment to find out how we can help your organisation.