Working on a contract with som3

There are a couple of ways you can chose to operate as a freelance Contractor, and there are different reasons to chose one way over the other.

Each way varies in regards to what pay rate you can receive and what benefits you can draw. We can advise you on various ways of working but ultimately it is up to you which way of working suits you best. You can work through an umbrella company, who technically engage with you as an employee, gaining you employment rights, ability to incur business expenses (tax deductible) whilst minimising your business paperwork admin overhead. These work well for those taking on short term project assignment work.

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Working as a freelance sub-contractor via your own Ltd Company, which offers far more flexibility on how you run your own business essentially, and additional benefits. However you will take on extra responsibility for your accounts and how they are run.

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Our Approved Umbrella & Ltd Company Partner

We’ve worked with PayStream for many years, and seen many companies in this space come and go. PayStream is super compliant and run a very professional seamless service.

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Once onboard and ready to invoice us for work completed please download our easy to complete daily and hourly timesheets  

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