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The best jobs in recruitment

That’s what we are trying to create at som3. We’ve seen and experienced how so many get it so wrong, so let’s learn by this and get it right.

We genuinely want to create the best working environment we can (there will be off-days, but that’s life). Work is not all about ‘Work’ either, we believe in blending plenty of ‘Play’ into what we do. We want our team members to go home waxing lyrical to their Partners, Wives, Parents or Friends about being with som3 and that they love working at som3.

What matters to most?

What are the hours, recruitment involves long hours doesn’t it?

Yes, if you want to succeed well in this game you get out what you put in and we often put in a good shift when needs must, but we want our team to fit work around their own lives (and we all have different priorities from going to the gym and needing a longer lunch to getting away early to spend time with family). At som3 we offer flexitime so our people have flexibility on start / finish times in their working day, along with a 3.30pm finish on a Friday!

What’s the dress code (who likes wearing a stiff suit and tie these days?!)

Our dress code is simple: No Scruffy Buggers!

Most of our Customers are cool trendy tech companies. If we turned up in suits and ties to a customer meeting they’d mistake us for undertakers or worse still….stiff old fashioned recruiters from recruitment companies stuck in the past. We tend to keep a really sharp suit tucked away for the odd customer that dresses that way (or to attend weddings etc!), but please don’t come to work and wear the pants or skirt out on a good suit by sitting in it day in day out.

Is there a booze fridge and tuck shop?

There sure is, and they get stocked regularly for those days when you just need a cold one to take the edge off a big hectic day or a tasty treat to keep your energy up. On good weeks (hopefully most of them!)the beer fridge gets raided mid afternoon on Friday, before we head to the pub to celebrate a good week. You wont go wanting for nights out at som3, ask any of our people!

What KPI’s are there?

That term is banned at som3, we let our sales board do the talking

What’s the commission scheme like?

We have many decades of experience working in the recruitment industry, we’ve seen a lot of commission schemes. We know what a good one looks like and ours is one of them. We keep it to no more than 2 sides of A4 so it’s simple and easy to work out. Come to us with a better one or some cool new ideas that motivate you and we will listen. We love paying commission, it means our people are doing what we are paying them to do!

— Steve Morrisey, Managing Director

“We love paying commission, it means our people are doing what we are paying them to do!”

What benefits do you offer?

Tell us what is important to you and we will listen (within reason of course, if you said you like to go to The Maldives as part of our Well-being company expensed programme we might need to work out a deal on that!). Everyone has different ideas on what benefits matter to them most so we prescribe none. The door is always open, just talk to us.

Do you do any charity stuff?

We sure do, in fact everyone can take up to 3 days per annum to do charity work as they see fit. We run or participate in regular charitable events and support local charities that are close to the hearts of our staff.

Got any other ideas for us that make you tick?

Bring it up at interview, we welcome fresh ideas that make people tick better. The general idea at som3 is that no one leaves basically (one of our team has worked with our MD since June 2000!). We know we need to have things right to make this happen.

Interested in becoming a som3er?

To discuss joining som3 please contact our MD Steve Morrisey directly