Yeah yeah….yet another IT Recruitment business sticking a very thin veneer over supplying contingent contract workers…that’s not our style at som3.

Some recruiters are in the business of burying blatant contract hiring somewhere else on a P&L so those in HR / Procurement can’t find it. Trust us, we know that half the industry is at this and just winging it to maximise margins and pull the wool over peoples eyes.

We at som3 find this popular approach to be a bit sharky. If we are going to get involved working with our customers on true Consultancy Services offerings, then we want to do it properly.
We chose to do this through collaboration with trusted partners that we’ve worked with for many years (we’ve often recruited most of their workforce in the first instance!).

Areas we cover:
  • Programme Management
  • IT Infrastructure & Unified Comms
  • Digital Transformation
  • UX/UI Design
  • Information & Cyber Security
  • Business Change
  • IT Consultancy
  • Service Management (ITSM deployment)
  • ERP Solutions Deployment (SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics)
  • Disaster Recovery Programmes

Consulting Partners

QDos IT – Technology Support That Works

Scarce IT – Delivering IT Services, smarter

To engage with us for Project Solutions please contact our Cheshire HQ offices on 01565 748600 or email us at