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3 Months in Recruitment

som3’s very own Henry McDonald tells us about is first 3 months in the dizzy world of recruitment!

My recruitment journey actually started back in June 2020 when I graduated and started to look for a way into recruitment as a career.

There was just one little problem….COVID –  it was the middle of the pandemic, businesses were shut people who were not on furlough were working from home and we were all locked in our houses. Businesses that I had been speaking to started to ghost me, and opportunities for graduates were now non-existent.  It wasn’t all doom and gloom though as this meant I needed to adapt – I started sending LinkedIn InMails and phoning businesses. Most would ignore me, but one didn’t. After 2 interviews and 3 lockdowns I started my first day at som-3.

My first day in recruitment was amazing, I was welcomed by the team and shown my desk but not before I was shown the meeting room which happens to look over the Bentley garage and has sports cars driving in an out all day. I did all the usual set up and getting on the systems and learning how to use them before I made my first call, never have I been scared to pick up the phone. Dialing the number,  I prayed they wouldn’t pick up so I could read the script I wrote myself on their voicemail. It didn’t happen, after 2 rings they picked up I felt like everyone was listening to my call, but I got through it following my qualification sheet and from then on picking up the phone hasn’t been an issue.

TIP: The best thing I did on my first day was listen to senior consultants’ conversations and learn how they qualify candidates and try and find my style.

In my second week in recruitment, I headed to the southern office to meet the team and learn from the knowledge they have. While I was down south in just my 2nd week, I got the best phone call a delivery consultant can receive “we would like to offer your candidate the role” I actually jumped in joy! It was then time to let the candidate know that they had a new position which was an amazing feeling. On the Thursday we set off back up north as we had a night of drinks booked to welcome me to the business. Friday was a rough day.

Recruitment isn’t always easy, after my first deal I wanted to keep it going and get as many deals as I could. Searching for candidates, finding the perfect CV only for them not to answer. Finally, I got through to a candidate who looked amazing for the role and was currently looking for work. I phoned him up explained the opportunity at which point he aggressively explained this company couldn’t exist because he had worked for the client’s customer and they do it themselves. 99% of candidates are amazing and work with you not against, but there’s always going to 1 who’s rude.

I have never been one for birthdays and always preferred to keep it quiet, however that becomes a little difficult when you have just put it on your new employee forms. At 9:00 I get messages through from the rest of the team wishing me happy birthday and an offer from my boss to pay for the birthday takeout I was going to get which made turning 24 a lot easier.

May was my best month in recruitment I felt confident over the phone and knew a little more about what I was trying to explain and I was making placements. In May I managed to have 4 placements and felt like I was making a difference in people’s lives, I had one candidate break down over the phone which was the moment I realized I had the opportunity to change somebody’s life either getting them their dream role or finding them work after they had been looking for a while.

Throughout the difficulties of people ghosting, it is always great to remember that there’s a person who needs you to help them find that position. Making 4 placements in my second month earnt me employee of the month which came with a meal out as a bonus for me and my girlfriend.

My 3rd month in recruitment was my worst so far by placements. I was able to make 1 placement who had 2 interviews and was offered the position, he showed up to his first day and everything seemed good. Something I learnt early was you can’t control people and when I tried to call him after his first day to ask how it had gone, I didn’t get through. I didn’t worry as I assumed he must have been heading home or missed the call. On his 2nd day I receive an email asking if I can explain why he hasn’t showed up, but I couldn’t because he had now blocked my number. My 3rd month wasn’t all bad as I managed to get an offer letter for my highest salary to date and was able to create a relationship I will be able to keep throughout my recruitment career.

Overall, my first 3 months in recruitment have been amazing, football nearly came home and I managed to find the role I had wanted after graduating. I have made placements with more to arrive I have learnt about a whole host of tech terms even if I didn’t believe them at first (Snowflake and SPLUNK) and I am ready to keep learning and changing people’s lives. – Henry

We look forward to catching up with Henry in another 3 months to see how he is getting on!