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I know I know, talking about intelligence and recruitment consultants may invoke an eye roll – it is a preconception that can be hard to shake. However here at som3 we like to think we are a pretty intelligent bunch, especially going by our top score of 200 in the Alexa Quick Fire Quiz.

AI is the talk of the town and the next big thing, and although it can’t replace experience and knowledge, hopefully it can support both.


I asked ChatGPT “What is AI?” – and it defined itself as

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the development of computer systems or software that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. These tasks include learning, reasoning, problem-solving, understanding natural language, speech recognition, and visual perception. The goal of AI is to create machines that can mimic and replicate certain aspects of human intelligence.

There is obviously a lot more to it than that but is a good summary.

AI powered technology is already used at a basic level in recruitment tools we use – according to Forbes, LinkedIn has leveraged artificial intelligence for years, matching job seekers with opportunities and making it easier to connect candidates with recruiters and talent acquisition professionals.

Large companies are incorporating AI in the recruitment – Amazon has been working on an Automated Applicant Evaluation system that will determine which job applicants possess the most potential for success. Hired, part of the Adecco Group, offers an AI platform that matches tech and sales talent with top companies.

AI-powered tools are changing the recruiting landscape in the following ways according to Forbes:

  • Identify candidates who haven’t applied for a job but may have the skills required.
  • Screen through large volumes of CVs, matching job requirements with experience.
  • Analyse candidate data including CVs, social media and online behaviour to predict which candidate may be the most successful in a role.
  • AI powered video interview tools for pre-screening.
  • Minimise bias in the recruitment process.

I asked ChatGPT to write an advert for an IT Project Manager and to be honest, it didn’t sound any different to most of the ads on LinkedIn (but without the usual spelling mistakes) – talking about dynamic and innovative company looking for an experienced and results driven IT Project Manager.

Sticking in a whole client job spec threw back an equally long response, but putting the word summarise before the spec came back with a more concise summary. This could be very handy as long as it is used as a starting point for a well written advert.

In terms of searching for CVs or screening CVs – hopefully AI can improve on the usual Boolean bingo searches which are typically the starting point. We’ve seen AI used by candidates to apply for jobs, we’d be keen to speak to anyone who has done this and if it has worked well.

What now?

Will we see CVs written by AI? Or have we already seen them but don’t know it was AI? Is it a person writing and sending the CV or is it a robot in disguise? Do we need to find Sarah Connor on LinkedIn now, before it all goes wrong?! Am I too old and that film reference will be wasted?

Hopefully AI will improve the recruitment process for hirers, recruiters and candidates but there is a long way to go – initially it will improve and simplify, speeding up screening and organisation, but I think we are a long way off recruitment being replaced by AI. Recent research predicts that 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t yet been invented – maybe if technology does take over some jobs it will open up new opportunities elsewhere.

We will continue to explore ways to improve recruitment and, in the meantime, carry on putting in random things in to ChatGPT and see what happens! Bit like when you first got Alexa and all the kids would do is ask it to make fart sounds, but more grown up (honest).