Another promotion at Team som3 – well done Henry McDonald!

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It only seem like yesterday that a young lad came proactively knocking at our door cap in hand looking for a job in the wonderful world of tech recruitment. His timing was really crap as the whole world had just locked down into a Covid induced mess and we were all sat at home in our gardens drinking far too much wine during an unseasonably hot spring 2020, no one was recruiting – we were all too busy strutting around B&Q ‘isolating’ whilst on furlough and buying dogs.

Anyway, the persistent bugger kept in touch regularly and didn’t give up (something 80% of ‘Recruiters’ in this day & age don’t seem to ‘get’ – which set him apart from the dross), and eventually he ground us down into giving him a job. Since then he’s not looked back and been a super quick learner and above all enthusiastic as hell. He’s exceeded targets all over the place and thrown himself at the job in leaps & bounds – in fact the only thing we’ve seen him epically fail at was his driving test….but we don’t mention that.

We are pleased to promote Henry to the position of fully fledged ‘Recruitment Consultant’ as of today (nice salary increase and hugely accelerated commission plan comes with the deal). Team som3 developing and building it’s best assets and strengthening our business all the time.

Well done Henry.