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som3 are a team of intrepid explorers – seeking out skills across the globe!

The last 12 months have taught us that recruitment needed to expand its horizons. We have always worked with clients outside the UK, but in 2023 this has grown significantly. Remote working has opened up the world, and we have shown clients that our strength in seeking out those hard-to-find skills is not limited to the shores of the UK.

Teams headed up by Scott, Tom and Chris work with our clients in the UK who have an international presence, or companies who are purely based outside the UK.

Where will they take us on our hiring travels…?

First Stop:  starting closer to home in Europe, we work with a number of ServiceNow partners who hire skilled ServiceNow professionals across a range of countries in Southern Europe – France, Spain, Italy, to name but a few. It is not just limited to ServiceNow however – other areas include SAP specialists, Salesforce consultants and developers, RPA Developers and Architects, Programme/ Project Managers, Developers, BI / Data Specialists and Service Delivery

Next Stop: Still in Europe, but let’s head to the Benelux region. This is a key growth area for our ServiceNow team with a focus on native language speakers, so Scott has had to learn some key phrases in Dutch (please feel free to test him). We have also seen an increase in the need for SAP and Salesforce skill.

Onwards we go: DACH Region is next on our itinerary, with your travel guides Scott and Tom. Skills in demand in this area are ServiceNow, SAP and Salesforce – either on site or remote, language skills are a bonus. RPA Security and Cloud are other areas Tom and his team have enjoyed working in and foresee growth in 2024.

Quick Pitstop in Africa: Morocco required RPA skills – the team delivered!

Next Stop: Middle East – This is a massive growth area for technology needs, we are seeing clients scaling up in this region, mainly focussed on Dubai. We have clients looking for people who would be interested in relocating from the UK and Europe, and this means the team have had to get to grips with the logistics and reality of moving to Dubai in order to advise potential candidates. Moving countries is a big decision for someone to make, regardless of their technical skills, and Tom and Scott look to support people in exploring this option.  The skills needed are varied – Product Owners / Managers, Technical Consultants, Brand / Digital for example.

Let’s go Down Under! Australia – home to sunny beaches, amazing scenery, scary insects and Service Management specialists. The time difference can make conversations challenging to arrange but we are happy to speak to clients and candidates out of hours.

Where to next? Let’s go to the USA. Our Sales Director Chris is very fond of the United States, and Florida holds a special place in his heart – not just for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Chris has worked with many clients across America, typically on senior hires within ServiceNow partners and end clients, we can safely say Chris is your go to for US hires plus Florida holiday tips.

Where next? Technology is global – each country will have their hiring challenges and skill shortages. According to data from there has been a large increase in people moving for technology opportunities and clients are looking to tap into this global talent pool. Here at som3 we predict 2024 will be the year for recruiting around the world.