som3 welcome Martyn Barrow

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som3 welcomes our new Global Skills & Development Director Martyn Barrow

With over 35 years in the technology industry and experience gained with companies large and small and having successfully grown his own technology recruitment business leading to its sale for over £5m to InterQuest Plc in 2006, we are delighted by Martyn’s return to the technology staffing World in the form of our Global Skills & Development Director.

Martyn commented: “I thought my recruitment days were over. However I was approached by a man I respect and have worked with fairly closely in the past who asked if I would consider being involved in the exciting and refreshing new venture that is som3. I took some persuading but his approach is so honest and his view of the business so free from rhetoric and senior management nonsense that I just couldn’t resist his vision of what he wanted to do and where he wanted the company to go.

I now welcome the chance to impart skills and knowledge to other enthusiastic recruiters and managers and strive to work with them to forge recruitment teams that are multi-talented and effective
deliverers of straightforward yet creative recruitment solutions for their clients. I am particularly looking forward to becoming involved with young people again and hopefully helping to shape their careers in this most innovative and forward looking of environments. I may be an old dog but I can still teach a few new tricks!”

Welcome aboard and welcome back Martyn, our Trainees & Sales people are ready for you!!