Som3’s office dog Dexter leads from the front in Sales…..

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Our MD was ten minutes late logging into a Skype call with a new Customer this morning at 7.30am on account he couldn’t get his PC working…..investigation found a chewed network cable courtesy of our new office dog Dexter the miniature sausage dog!. After explaining the reason behind the slightly delayed call to the CTO of a rather large Cloud & Security organisation, and the subsequent win of yet another Customer requiring our epic recruitment support, our new Customer sent through a bunch of job specifications and a note “Good to catch up earlier Steve – impressed with the Office Dog idea, looking forward to meeting Dexter”

We are pretty sure Dexter’s involvement ensured the new Customer ‘win’ on that one, so for today Dexter is our ‘Sales Dog of the day’ over here (and has opened up more new business so far than any of us today!)

Som3…..where even the Office Dog rings the till (and is an expert in Cloud based SaaS solutions and Cyber Security)