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Here at som3 we are passionate about new technology, and consciously stay one step ahead of the game (read: our competition) when it comes to being all over the latest technologies out there. Our AI & IA (Intelligent Automation) team are out there working with some of the most forward thinking businesses across EMEA & Northern US placing all sorts of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) / Machine Learning / NLP / Cognitive & Analytics experts into the rapidly growing world of Chatbots.

Most people wont even realise they are engaging with businesses who have a chatbot (also known as a Smartbot, Chatterbot, Conversational AI or Interactive Agent) dealing with them as they engage with them. Basically a computer program or AI (artificial intelligence) that conducts conversation via textual or auditory methods. Chatbots are based on Machine Learning that provide an experience that resembles real person dialogue….the more they ‘chat’ the more they ‘learn’.

Chatbots are designed to convincingly simulate how we behave in conversation. They are about 95-98% accurate in simulating human conversation these days, most people would never even know they are not talking to a real human being when interacting with them!

Some chatbots use very advanced NLP systems (Natural Language Processing), however lots of simpler ones scan for keywords in inputs/text dialogue, then pull a generic reply with the most matching keywords, or similar wording pattern off a database.

Chatbots can schedule your meetings, provide customer support, gain insights into your market, help with a mortgage application, tell you the weather, order you a pizza or a coffee….or even find you true love!! This is just the very beginning.

Chatbot Personal Assistant anyone ?