Happy 2nd Birthday to us!!

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Today is our 2nd birthday, but sadly Team som3 cannot get our Northern & Southern offices Troops together for the usual som3 mash up. Instead we are all staying in our respective homes with our families and having a slap up takeaway and a nice bottle of something to toast our birthday. We might even do a Zoom call later just to feel like we are having a virtual party!.

Year 2 hasn’t been quite the year we had planned for our start-up, but it certainly has been a roller coaster ride that’s for sure!!!. The weirdest year in Tech Recruitment that we’ve all experienced by some margin.

This said the Tech space has proved pretty resilient to global pandemics once everyone worked things out, Team som3 have doubled turnover and tripled Net Profits in Year 2 and fought like mad to produce a solid year end result for the business, which we are all extremely proud of all things considered.

Onto Year 3 ….. and we like the number 3 a lot. We think Year 3 is going to be a stormer, the World needs to bounce back out of this pandemic and go for it!