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som3 are back with a slightly different RPA article this time round, with a closer look into what it takes to be an RPA Developer, what background you might come from and where it could take you. We touched base with our resident RPA Rockstars, Kamil Makowka and Alex Revilla Martinez and asked them what drove them to take this career path and what gets them up every morning to do this line of work:

Kamil Makowka – RPA Developer at UiPath

‘I started as a Financial Analyst at HP Inc in the Financial Reporting Team. In HP there was an internal program where you could receive some extra points for improving digital processes. I started improving those processes with VBA macros (processes were connected mainly with Excel, SAP, etc.) and I helped my colleagues from the team with improving their processes as well. We ended up with the highest number of improved processes globally in HP. After some time HP created an internal RPA department and some of us were selected to be a part of that RPA department. I acquired RPA and UiPath knowledge during the training in the India and USA.’

Kamil has been contracting for some time now and even lectures at Kozminski University, in the field of “Automation of Business Processes”, main subject being UiPath. We crossed paths almost 2 years ago when discussing new opportunities and we haven’t looked back since. Often an inspiration for a number of som3 RPA articles, Kamil has proven to be a reliable asset within the RPA world.

Alex Revilla Martinez – RPA Developer at UiPath

‘Since I was a child I was always interested in technology, I loved building games and disassembling different household appliances to see how they were made inside. Engineering was the way to gain knowledge about how things are made on the inside and to be able to develop my knowledge and career in that field.

I started working as a technical salesman and soon I realized that I didn’t want to do that, so I joined a consulting company as a tester of an android application where I discovered the test automation, that made the work of testing the App much faster, this way I saw the potential of automating processes. Let’s call it chance or not, but a few months later a training course was opened in the consulting company for RPA Developer, I decided to try it, that was one of the best decisions of my life because I discovered my passion.

From that moment on I wanted to get to the top of RPA because I believed that the technology was going to have a lot of potential in the future, so I started doing online trainings in UiPath Academy (a very complete free platform to learn RPA using UiPath). I found a job as RPA Developer and there I could develop my RPA skills, after 3 years working as developer and technical lead in the last year, I received an offer from som3 to work as an RPA engineer for the most respected RPA company, UiPath.’

Previously in a full-time position, Alex and som3 explored the world of RPA contracting for the first time, back in December 2020. Clearly a very bright and enthusiastic individual, the chance to become part of the UiPath team was a no-brainer for him. Much like Kamil, Alex has provided som3 with invaluable content for our RPA articles and has helped us as an agency to hone our skills & knowledge when recruiting in this area.

Now take it from me, learning this area of recruitment for the first time was daunting and without candidates like Kamil and Alex, the learning process would have been that much harder. I can only imagine that for people who want to actually get into the RPA domain, but not quite sure how, this can also be equally as intimidating.

UiPath offer a number of different online automation training platforms, and even better, they’re free! You can follow this link to find out more information: https://academy.uipath.com/

As always, som3 Recruitment are keen to hear from any budding RPA Wizard on the lookout for a new role OR any client who is looking to increase their RPA Talent Pool. So please do get in touch by checking out our website at https://www.som-3recruitment.com/ or emailing tom.phipps@som-3.com directly. Your journey can begin here…

‘Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it’ – Albert Einstein