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Last time round som3 put together an ‘Idiot’s Guide’ to RPA with the help of our trusted contractor Alex Revilla Martinez. He gave us a brilliant, detailed, yet easy to understand overview of what the process looked for him as a UiPath Developer. This time round we have collaborated with the Maestro that is Kamil Makowka, another of our esteemed UiPath Developers, and focused on what we believe to be the best preparation for an RPA Developers’ interview.

If you want to shine during an interview, then you need to consider the following points:

  • Be open-minded and talkative – An RPA developer position is a combination of a technical person and a people-person.
  • Prepare a list of 3-4 of your last robots/processes you have automated lately – Be ready to talk about details – what was the main goal of that automation, what issues you have solved during the cooperation, what was your approach, etc.
  • Be ready to talk about your one failure – why you failed, what would you do if you had another chance to fix/solve this failure, what thoughts you have after that.
  • If the job you are being interviewed for is connected to UiPath, you definitely have to be familiar with re-frameworkand orchestrator. If the role is for another of the big players, then ensure you are well versed. E.g. For Blue Prism – Process Diagram, Process Studio, Object Studio and Application Modeller and for Automation Anywhere – Control Room, Bot Creator and Bot Runner
  • Be familiar with the newest UiPath/Blue Prism/Automation Anywhere features – You don’t need to know them perfectly but it’s good to be up to date and have some general knowledge about the technology news.
  • Think about all applications you used during your former projects.
  • There are always some questions connected to the HR field (how you cope with stressful situations or uncooperative SME’s for example) – it’s key to be open and honest here. If it’s a permanent role that you’re going for, you could be there for a long time. You need to make sure it’s a good cultural fit for you and the company.

As you can see, these points are designed primarily for RPA Developers, but we can also add some more generic points that would cover interviews of any ilk:

Research the organisation that you’re interviewing with:

What are their current projects? Have they been in the news? Who are their clients? Who will be interviewing you? Check out the organisation’s website, newspapers, or social media for this information. Showing you know what the organisation is up to will look good to your interviewers.

Prepare the possible questions you will be asked and write down your answers:

Looking at the job description and the skills required for the role should give you a steer on what kind of questions could be asked about your abilities and experience. List the possible questions and make a note of what your answers would be, but don’t worry about fitting in to an exact box. The interview is a chance to show your knowledge and skills but also your personality, so personal projects you’ve developed, or examples from hobbies or interests that are relevant might be of interest to the interviewer. It’s all of these things combined that will help to demonstrate why you are a good match for the job

Think of questions you’d like to ask:

During your research there will most likely have been things cropping up that you’d like to know more about. Write them out as clear questions for the interviewer. This will help you avoid an awkward silence when you’re asked if you have any questions

We at som3 Recruitment know that individuals will prepare in their own way, a manner that best suits them that will give them the best chance to land that dream job. We also strongly believe that these last 3 points are key differentiators between YOU and the person that DOESN’T bother to do them. So best of luck in your interviews and if you ever need any tips then don’t hesitate to contact the som3 Team.

As always, on the hunt for more budding RPA superstars, so if you’re looking for your next opportunity or a company looking for that next ‘special one’, then get in touch with som3 Recruitment