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We know what makes a business successful. Undoubtedly there are many influential factors to a company’s success, but none more so than its people.  We are passionate about getting the right people in the right roles for clients, and our success lies in the incredible team we have here at Som3.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has meant that the world has had to change the way that we work and interact with each other.  Working alone, at home is the new norm for many.  We have changed a number of our own working processes and practices to continue delivering value to our clients.  Our team has always been co-located across our North and South offices and we have invested in building team camaraderie to ensure a true collaborative approach between all.  Team members worked across both sites regularly and we held frequent, some might say legendary, whole team day outs simply to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Yes, we are now separated physically, but we continue to focus on our social interactions and team building initiatives.  Now, more than ever, our team spirit and wellbeing are paramount to our success and important to us an employer. Aside from our daily Zoom team meetings and regular calls and texts, we ensure that we interact socially each day, just as we used to over the coffee machine or end of the week visit to the pub.  We use a team WhatsApp group just for this, not to discuss work priorities, but to socially interact with each other. The Som3 competitive spirit is being well demonstrated in the team the with the sharing of our cooking triumphs (or failures in some cases) and our softer sides in the daily pet pictures.  Our Som3 virtual pub quiz, team bingo and karaoke session (our neighbours might not hold that last one in high regard!) have not only been great fun, but vitally important to maintaining and driving our team, and therefore business, forward.

We also know how important it is to still recognise, celebrate and reward success in these challenging times.  Our Employee of the Month celebration has not stopped and we have used postal gifts to reward our worthy winners.  The wonderful recent weather has helped to keep spirits buoyant and our MD sent all team members a hammock to make the most of the sunshine at home in our gardens.  Being apart, but sharing the same experiences, has in fact bought us closer together as a team.

The changes to the working world have taught us many lessons in how we can adapt the way that we run and manage our business.  Technology has enabled much of this, but our people and the relationships that we foster are what ensure success.  The culture and the values of our company are the foundations in which we have built on, and our people have laid each brick, together, to build what we have today.   The way we work has changed, our business models and strategic plans modified, but our team and our collaborative culture remain our biggest assets and main focus.   We agree with Peter Drucker when he said, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’.

We, like you all, cannot wait to be together again in person.  Whilst we wait, we will continue to keep investing in our team relationships, as well as our working practices, as we know that a successful business is built by its people.