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The following is based on true events – names have been changed to protect the guilty

Picture the scene….

Established, market leading client is hiring. Great name in the industry, claim to have competitive salary and package, accreditations and partnerships galore. Looking for the top talent of course!

Engage a recruiter who finds top talent – client recruitment process happens –  top talent is offered a position but it’s too late. They have taken something else! Client is confused, cross, blames candidate or recruiter – why wouldn’t they want to work for us?

Let’s rewind …


Day 1

Client: Hi Recruiter, we need someone with XYZ hard to find skills, ideally with ABC too, but maybe DEF instead, who has worked in this certain industry but maybe this one, salary is open to negotiation just see who you find but we need them senior but still with drive, no you can’t speak to hiring manager he is off this week. We have looked ourselves or the last 2 months but not had any joy.

Days 1 – 4

Recruiter spends time and effort finding talent, selling this amazing client and amazing job, presents short list of candidates.

Day 10 – feedback on CVs delayed as the manager has been away or in meetings or on holiday but they want to arrange initial calls.

Day 13 – eventually get availability of the manager but its limited and has to fit in with their diary so one of their team leaders will do the calls.

Day 18 – Calls taken place, now a 2nd stage will be arranged with the manager as the initial call was just a basic screening call.

Day 25 – Video interviews taking place, unfortunately one of the panel couldn’t make the call as they were pulled on to an urgent matter and although they are not a final decision maker they need to be on the call as they have been on all others.

Day 27 – second video call with missing interviewer

Day 30 – another interview, this time with HR, competency questions. One candidate ruled out as they needed flexibility for childcare reasons one day a week and there is no option to amend hours or remote working.

Day 31 – psychometric assessments sent out for candidates to complete. No real reason why – it’s just always been done.

Day 35 – HR and Manager discuss psychometric results and rule out one candidate as they were perfect in every other way but they scored lower than the “pass mark” that HQ require for all hires.

Day 38 – front runner candidate needs to have one more call with board member before any offers can go out, he is away for the week.

Day 45 – call happens with board member – was 5 minutes long.

Day 47 – verbal offer made to candidate, same salary they are currently on as client “don’t want to pay over the odds and want to feel they are getting a good deal”, HR can’t confirm the benefits package or how the bonus / commission that the hiring manager mentioned would work – goes back for clarification.

Day 48 – turns out this level of role doesn’t have a certain benefit the hiring manager mentions and as its set-in stone at a corporate level they cannot amend the package, ever. Goes back to see if basic can be improved.

Day 50 – offer increased by a token gesture, but this is still verbal. Any offers have to go to the HQ in another country for sign off and that can take a week or so.

Day 57 – HR call recruiter with good news they can make an official offer!!

Recruiter: Sorry, Talent has accepted an offer with your competitor.

Tumbleweed blows across screen.

Client: * confused * Time for Hiring Cycle 2 – the sequel – This time it’s serious!


Clients’ competitor

Day 1

Client: Hi Recruiter – we need someone with XZY, can I set up a qualification call with the hiring manager this afternoon to discuss in detail, here is details of the benefits package and all the information you need, please liaise with them direct but if you need anything just shout!

Day 1 – 4

Recruiter spends time and effort finding talent, selling this amazing client and amazing job, presents short list of candidates.

Day 5 – client calls –  here is detailed feedback, can we set up initial calls ASAP, ideally today or tomorrow, the hiring manager will make room in his diary to accommodate.

Day 6 – great feedback from hiring manager – Client sets up 2 hour video interviews that will include meetings with the hiring manager, HR and also a quick 5 minutes with the CEO all in one session. There are various people who can cover if one of these is away.

Day 9 – interviews completed, top candidate selected and offered at the top end of their range plus the healthcare they wanted (wasn’t in the initial package but the client can amend on a case by case), with flexible hours and a mix of office remote working.  Contract goes out to them electronically the same day.  Candidate is even more impressed with the efficiency and candidate experience.

Trumpets sound, fireworks in the distance

It’s a wrap!!