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We are nearly a third of a way through 2024. The year is flying by, and the market is ever changing so we thought it would be a good time to look at some of the key trends for SAP in 2024 and in to 2025.

KPMG reported last year that 70% of CEOs are putting AI as a top investment priority and so all leading tech companies are embedding AI into their products. SAP is no exception of course, and a future S/4 HANNA ERP system boosted by AI is on the horizon. There will be a surge in the adoption of SAP S/4 HANA as companies migrate from older ERP Versions as the 2027 deadline approaches (more on that to follow in the coming weeks).

Head in the clouds? Cloud ERP adoption has exploded in recent years and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. Quoting SAP themselves – the global market is expected to nearly double, growing from $64.7 billion in 2022 to $130 billion by 2027. The benefits of cloud ERP have long been understood – however recent, pressing concerns are causing demand to spike even more

Data, data and more data. Data is great, but it takes up space. There is an increased interest in Data Archiving to cut down carbon emissions. SAP say Data storage now accounts for more carbon emissions than the commercial airline industry which is mind-blowing. SAP ILM achieves energy savings by improving system performance by archiving data to low-cost storage according to data retention rules.

Taking software and making it your own – personalisation is all about adjusting the software to user’s specific needs. The system is highly adaptable and can learn patterns, preferences and styles of work, helping users before more efficient and effective. Low-code/no-code personalisation allows users to adapt the software themselves, no programmer or developer help required.

TALENT!!  SAP is considered the gold standard for ERP solutions in every industry, however there are challenges in attracting people to start and develop their careers within the SAP ecosystem – SAP isn’t necessarily seen as the hip and cool tech to start your IT career in. SAP have addressed this by launching an initiative to upskill millions of people and encourage people to follow a career in SAP.

SAP skills are in high demand, and that demand is growing – som3 are always looking to grow their already impressive network of SAP consultants so please  get in touch if you are looking for a move.

If you are looking to grow your SAP Team, contact us now to discuss how we can support your business growth plans in 2024 and beyond.

2024 should be an interesting year for SAP, and we look forward to seeing how it unfolds.