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As a key player in the ServiceNow Talent market, we always keep up to date with advances in ServiceNow Technologies – the latest being GenAI.

Introducing ServiceNow’s GenAI offering – Now Assist

At ServiceNow’s annual customer and partner event, Knowledge 2024, ServiceNow, the AI platform for business transformation, announced new generative AI (GenAI) capabilities to power enterprise‑wide productivity and innovation

What you can do with Now Assist

Empower everyone to deliver more value with GenAI on the Now Platform. Now Assist increases productivity by reducing manual work. It transforms experiences with personalisation and natural human language, speeds time to value with intelligent code, and much more. (

“Integrating generative AI capabilities into the Now Platform will revolutionise business models and workflows across every industry.” Gary Platkin – KPMG

What is GenAI?

AI is a term that describes all forms of machine learning and intelligent automation, while generative AI is specifically focused on the creation of new content based on—but also capable of going beyond—the data sets it was provided with during its training phase

Generative AI, also known as GenAI, is a type of artificial intelligence that creates realistic content by learning from existing data. GenAI can provide realistic and creative text, images and other media to transform industries such as entertainment, marketing and healthcare.

Generative AI encompasses several types of content generation. These include text generation, image generation, video and speech generation, and data augmentation. Producing text content requires a different approach than enhancing videos or creating realistic looking images. As such, each type of generative AI has its own unique characteristics and applications. (

We envisage 2024 will be a real growth area in GenAI for ServiceNow, and as always we are keen to speak to ServiceNow professionals on how we can support your career plans.