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Here at som3 we have decided to go dogging every day till the spring when the clocks go forward again and the lighter nights return.

Many of us seem to have doggy friends in our lives that weren’t there pre-Covid and that the early morning 6am dog walks before work are a bit dark these days!, therefore we’ve moved to ‘som3 Dogging Time’. Basically we can either start work 30 mins later or take a 1.5 hour lunchbreak in order to get a good dog walk in before work or during an extended lunch.

Those of us who don’t own dogs will be using the time to get down the gym at lunchtimes, or in our Ops Director Neil’s case to further enhance his reputation of being THE World’s most annoying Dad & Husband by getting his whole family up at 6am to do a ‘Wake Up With Weights’ class in front of the telly at home more regularly!

Happy Dogging All.