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We have something else to shout about over here at som3 this month, we’ve only gone and bought our IT / Comms solution provider!. (Well we’ve bought a chunk of it anyway).

We see a lot of IT/Comms business floating around over here as we support and engage over 600 organisations, which has frustrated us for years as there is business right there at our finger-tips that we don’t touch / get involved with. So we got thinking what we can do about this and realised our very own awesome IT/Comms Cloud/On Premise service provider who we’ve worked with for two decades would fit the bill perfectly….and now som3 Tech has been born.

som3 Tech provides Cloud/On-premise system installations & support across the UK (Unified Comms IT/Telephony installation& support services & Disaster Recovery). This platform gives som3 the capability to undertake project & Consultancy work in these areas as well as staffing solutions through som3 Recruitment.

Full website is WIP, but here’s the taster :

Watch this space for further updates……