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som3 welcomes back The Great Raymondo (aka Ray Graham) back into the ServiceNow fold at the Elite ServiceNow Partner Engage-ESM, 24 years after first placing him on a Peregrine Systems ITSM gig with ICL Applied Technology (now Fujitsu). We’ve had our eye on Raymond for a number of years (read: pestered him to death regularly to consider a move!) and are pleased to finally get him placed in a ServiceNow Solutions Architect role for Engage-ESM. Big thank you to Steve Merchant (Global Head of Consultant Development) at Engage-ESM for making it happen, and congrats on hiring one of the most experienced ITSM/ESM Architects in the industry.

Welcome back Raymond, awesome to place you in your next career move and to have been involved and followed that career for nearly a quarter of a Century.