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We at som3 have been busy during Covid-19 times giving birth to our first ever Digital Employee (aka Software Robot) using RPA software (Robotic Process Automation).

We are pleased to announce that we welcomed our new digital employee Carole Baskin into the World this week with the help of our good friend and business contact Pete Marshall from Outsource Automations who helped design, build and give birth to Carole.

Our new worker extends the service we already perform and allows us to analyse the employment market in a quicker, more extensive manner. Carole works 24 hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, is never sick and never needs to go on furlough!

We are very proud of our first digital employee Carole Baskin and are planning to grow our digital family going forward.

We use Carole Baskin to assist our recruiters in continually improving the service and capability we can offer our candidates and clients.  We gave great thought as to how she can work with us to increase our capability and we came up with a number of areas we are working on.

At present, Carole Baskin performs 2 critical tasks for us.

Firstly she enables us to monitor every day hundreds of companies to check if they are recruiting for roles which we can fill with our extensive candidate pool. Carole Baskin can do this for every country on the planet and is able to do this in minutes instead of hours.

Secondly Carole Baskin can show us new skilled workers coming into our niche/specialists markets (ServiceNow, SAP, RPA etc) so we can match capability with roles and our skilled recruiters can use this information to match candidates to role quicker than ever before.

We love our new digital employee and we are currently training her to do even more work to enable us to deliver a faster even more effective service to our clients.

We would like to give thanks to Pete Marshall of Outsource Automations Ltd for taking the time to work with us to design and implement our new worker.  We thought this was going to be a time consuming difficult process to get our new digital employee operating but he got us up and running much faster than we expected.

Pete’s Linkedin profile is and he can be contacted on 07769 349581 if you fancy giving birth to your own digital employees anytime soon.