Steve Morrisey

Managing Director / Founder

Our Sales focused MD who believes in Leading by example and not managing by spreadsheet (he still calls over 150 customers every month and makes new business calls!).

Steve has been in technology recruitment since 1995 (when CV’s were faxed or posted!). som3 is Steve’s 3rd tech recruitment business start-up.

He Founded and grew ecrmpeople from start-up through to £18+ million p/a turnover within 6 years, when he was acquired by InterQuest Group Plc (Sept 07) as part of a strategic move to steer the business to the next level. During his time on the Plc Ops Board at InterQuest between 2007-2018 he grew out a Joint Venture with InterQuest called Fulcrum Telecom which became the most successful fastest growing start-up in the Group to date.

Our name is his initials (hence som3). Three is also his lucky number, so we hope this helps too!.  Steve likes cars a bit too much, and some would say wastes most of his money on them. One of his mates is a drone, which we think is a bit odd.