The Great Return To The Office!

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It has been nearly 2 years since the working world changed. Our first lockdown was looming, and we were encouraged to work from home if we could.  Offices began to empty, home offices were quickly set up and we all started to interact with our colleagues via the medium of video, giving insight into people’s spare rooms and how they look when they can’t get a haircut for months on end.

Look at us now! Attending conferences, collaborating over coffee, catch up with clients over boozy lunches, visiting clients offices, bouncing ideas off each other,  laughing with colleagues about their weekend shenanigans.

Everyday we get bogged down by social media posts, email updates, long WhatsApp conversation -communication is as easy as pressing a button. However, you can’t beat interacting with someone In person. Humans, by nature, are said to be social, enthusiastic living beings and to socialise and communicate with people is crucial. In face-to-face meetings you are more engaged with the other person as there are less distractions (pretty sure we have all sneakily checked our emails or social media while on a group video call)

Regardless of your views on hybrid, remote and office-based working – we can all say seeing people face to face is just somehow better than video. You get a different vibe, body language is more relaxed and conversations flow differently.  Watching someone live on stage at a forum is much more engaging than on Zoom from the kitchen table.

Here at som3 we always loved a boozy client lunch or a catch up over coffee, and love getting out and about again to see our clients and candidates.. if anyone wants to meet up then drop us a line! Let’s keep up the more relaxed dress codes though as tbh those suits are now a little too snug!