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Interview feedback – or lack thereof – is one of the biggest complaints within the recruitment process, but where is it going wrong and what can we do about it?

As recruiters we often get the blame for the lack of feedback – and in many ways this is true, as we should be educating employers on the importance of feedback for everyone involved, and then passing on the feedback when we have it.

This issue is not a new one – but there are many reasons why this is so important for candidates, recruiters, and employers.

  • Employer branding – word of mouth and personal recommendations are some of the most effective marketing tools for an employer’s brand, and it also works the other way. It is a small world out there, especially in some of the more niche areas we operate in – and word travels, if a candidate has a poor experience they may mention this to others and as a result your branding suffers.
  • Improved hiring process – as recruiters if we don’t get feedback on why a candidate was unsuccessful, how can we then send you stronger matches to your requirements? We can’t.
  • Candidate courtesy – candidates would have spent time preparing for interview, possibly taking time off work to attend interviews. Giving feedback is common courtesy, a recognition of the time that has been put in.
  • Improve candidates’ chances in future interviews – if someone is rejected, it can feel personal. Maybe there is something that wasn’t good enough, or something that the client didn’t like, and it can be hard for recruiters to communicate this. However, if someone failed an interview as they waffled, didn’t listen to questions, or were not prepared – they need to know this to help them prepare for the next opportunity. It is also a chance to communicate their strengths!
  • Repeat jobseekers – candidates might miss out on roles as they lack certain skills or experience in a particular area. In a few years’ time they may be spot on for a client and be an asset – but if they had a negative experience before, would they apply again? Maybe not

Sometimes feedback may only be a couple lines, it may be negative and hard to deliver, but it is a very important part of the hiring process! We will work with clients to stress the reasons for giving prompt and constructive interview feedback for candidates, but we will also pass on any feedback from candidates to you on your hiring process to hopefully make the job world a better place for everyone.