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With all these changes across the market – especially “he who must not be named”  and his off-payroll working rules – how do you maximise your chances of securing that next wizarding contract role, or stand out against other muggles for permanent roles? Make sure your skills are in high demand of course!

When trying to compile a list of the top ten in demand skills for 2020 it is clear that no-one really has a crystal ball but having a look across a variety of reports there seems to be the similar skills appearing

Let’s compare some of the top Google results for “top 10 IT skills 2020” and let’s see which technology stack the sorting hat will put you in…


Python, React, Angular, Machine Learning, Docker, Django, CompTIA, Amazon AWS, Deep Learning, React Native


AI, Big Data Analytics, Cloud, Cyber Security, Project Management, Agile / Scrum, DevOps, Business Analysts, Digital Marketing, Networking


Cloud, Data Science, Java, Linux, SQL, Cyber Security, Python, JavaScript, Blockchain, Digital Marketing


Mobile Development, AI, Data Science, Cyber Security, Cloud / AWS, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, IT Support, IoT, Python


Blockchain, Cloud, Data Analytics, AI, UX Design, Business Analysis, Affiliate Marketing, Sales, Scientific Computing, Video Production


SQL, Java, Python, Linux, JavaScript, AWS (Cloud), C++, C, C#, .NET

Safe to say there’s a pretty broad mix there, so take it all with a pinch of Felix Felicis

Here at Som3, we don’t profess to being skilled in the art of divination, but we can tell you the tech skills which are popping up more than others.

Cloud / AWS / Azure / O365 appear in a lot of our roles, either with companies looking to move to Cloud solutions, or who want to make the most of the technology they already have

Permanent developers, iOS / Android / Java / .NET will be always be one of the recruiters horcruxes, candidates willing to jump on the train at platform 9 ¾ and head off into town should have a lot of positions to consider.

Obviously the dementor which is IR35 is currently sucking the happiness out the market, causing considerable unrest and its hard to know how things will turn out – until then we are off to Hogsmead for a Butterbeer.