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What was once an absolute treat to be given permission to work from home has now become a far more familiar scene in businesses throughout the working world. In this day and age with the advancement of technology, the speed and efficiency of communication between colleagues and clients has improved dramatically and so enterprises of any level now have the ability to work productively from the comfort of their own homes. Amidst these troublesome times with Covid-19 causing, sadly in some cases, irreparable financial problems for companies throughout the world, it’s important to remember that this ‘luxury’ of working from home can now be harnessed and utilised to generate results for YOU and YOUR company.

Here at som3 Recruitment we have always had vibrant atmospheres in both our Northern and Southern offices and it’s something that none of us take for granted and enjoy every day we step through the door. Considering the nature of our work, it’s vital that spirits are high as not every day is a doozy! So, with the outbreak of Coronavirus now hitting the UK quite hard, along with many other recruitment companies, we find ourselves in murky waters with what lies ahead and how we approach this problem head on. Fortunately, we have the flexibility and the experienced heads to operate our business whilst sat on the sofa with a cup of tea and maybe Netflix on in the background!

But it’s not just a case of flexibility due to the current situation the UK finds itself in, the concept of working from home is actually also a healthy and productive one. However fun ones office environment may be, there will always be stressful times, and so the option of being able to make your business calls from your bedroom in your Incredible Hulk pyjamas from time to time, is a good one!

Every company leader and every employee will have their own take on the benefits and disadvantages of working from home, but here are a few of the good ones that I think are food for thought:

  • You’ll be more productive – One Stanford studyfound that employees who work from home are 13 percent more productive compared with their in-office counterparts
  • Loyalty – Anyone who has been given the opportunity to work from home on a regular basis is very unlikely to want to give that up and therefore more inclined to be loyal to their company
  • Financial benefits for the company – potential savings on office space, supplies, running costs, etc.
  • Happier employees – my favourite of the four. Work-life balance is a major talking point nowadays within the working world, and as well as physical health, mental health is such a key aspect of day to day life. Whether it’s being able to spend more time with your family or just like your own company, working from home allows these opportunities

We shall see what happens in the coming weeks with the UK Government and how we are affected by the mandated isolation/lockdown, but let’s not use that as the only time to sample working from home. Instead, use this as the catalyst to create the best working environments for you and your company.

Stay safe and stay healthy UK!